Based in Los Angeles, Francoise is a certified Hypnotherapist registered by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She has an Art degree from England and has spent most of her adult life in the USA. Her favorite things in life are her friends, family, her little French Bulldog and researching new and interesting strategies and insights into managing mental health.
She began her journey into hypnotherapy by practicing meditation every single day. She learned very quickly that meditation is something we should all use as a resource to stay in the present, to keep focused and calm. It wasn’t just a hype!
Meditation cultivates a rapport with the universe, a higher power, spirituality. She found hypnotherapy through a guided meditation practice one day. “If only they would just directly tell me to change this about my life…” She said to herself. Little did she know what she was asking for is actually a practice, hypnotherapy. The integration of suggestions into a mediation practice is in essence hypnotherapy. She felt so relaxed and tapped into her unconscious mind so deeply during this practice, she knew that if a positive suggestion was given, she would be able to hear it far better than anything heard while wide awake. After this, she started researching the practice and began having her own hypnotherapy sessions along with self-hypnosis on a daily basis and her life began to grow.
Francoise uses a variety of the latest hypnosis techniques, and has devised her own methods to get the best and most out of each and every session. Her own experience of anxiety lead her to experiment with alternative therapies and subsequently reap the benefits of these methods firsthand. Francoise finds daily joy in her passion to make these practices more well-known and to lift the taboos of surrounding mental health.